At CENTRAL DESIGN OFFICE we continually strive to create exceptional architecture with a focus on the implementation and long term life of the buildings we create. We are neither pie in the sky idealists, nor stuck in the mud pragmatists -- but instead seek to find beautiful solutions to challenging projects that will create joy for our clients for many years to come.
Our architecture and planning staff has experience in a wide variety of project types and scales, from small residential remodels, to commercial projects, to larger planning efforts. Instead of seeking to specialize in a particular project type, we seek clients that want to create something exceptional. We believe that architecture is not a formula, but a process of understanding the particulars of our client’s desires, the site, the community and the many other aspects that inform a building. In this process we continue to ask questions about how we can create the greatest value for our clients, with the understanding that value is not only a monetary concern, but also includes concerns such as time, durability, function, and beauty.
Being a part of a design-focused, integrated practice, where designers sit next to builders and real estate professionals, we are well suited to help our clients articulate and understand the values that are important in their projects and from this arrive at the most intelligent solutions, whether it is by acting as a design-builder or in a more conventional architecture role.
Design Principal
As the Design Principal at CDO, I have designed and built everything from a small renovation to a neighborhood – and I enjoy working at all of these scales. One might say I get a little too excited about selecting cabinet hardware and a beautiful plumbing fixtures, but I am equally enthusiastic about the prospect of engineering a beautiful / sustainable/ functional workplace, home, climbing gym… or envisioning an urban framework for a square mile of the city. Each of these design problems requires vision through a creative lens in order to imagine not just beautiful spaces, but how they will be built, how they will age, and how they will be funded. These multi-scaled and multi-faceted problems make my heart go pitter-patter – as do my three multi-scaled and multi-faceted daughters who test the elasticity of my creativity daily. See…everything is a design problem!
Additional to these passions, I suppose I should also mention that I would not be so excited about design had I not had the amazing opportunities to explore the Western Hemisphere with my partner, Brent, and had the chance to work with some great architects at The Office For Metropolitan Architecture in the Netherlands, The Polshek Partnership in New York, and The HOK Planning Group (St. Louis). I also teach graduate and undergraduate design studios at Washington University in St. Louis.
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